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What’s happening kids?! Welcome to the wonderfully wild and wacky Silly Pancakes description!

yay | oh yeah | hooray | nobody reads this | sad

ANYWAYS - this week, we’ve got one goodness gracious of a show for ya! That’s right, the ridiculously funny comedy duo, Barton & Bass is here…I’m so excited. Really. These two are some of my favorite people!

Ryan Barton, Cameron-Bass Jackson and myself (also named Ryan...whoa) chat about the ups and downs of working in comedy, how they fell in love with improv, where they met, their dynamic on stage and of course, lucid dreaming.

What’d I say - a goodness gracious of a show, right? Believe me next time!

Lastly, I’d like to point out that Barton & Bass have their very own podcast coming to the WhatsaCreative Podcast Network! Starting Friday May 1st, you’ll be able to hear these two funtastic comedians on Barton & Bass Present: Happy Hour!

…it’s going to be funcredible...what a dumb word. I change my mind.


...that's better.


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