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What’s happening Pancake Pals!

Just a heads up, “Pancake Pals” is not and will never be a thing…I’m sorry, but I really just typed that out of nowhere without much thinking and that silly nickname worked its way through my head, to my fingertips and onto my computer. I’m shocked that it even happened and now I’m concerned that I’ve spent far too much time focusing on it and for that I’m very sorry.

OKAY - let’s get back on track!

Welcome to the wild, wonderful and wacky (it’s actually pretty normal) description for the Silly Pancakes podcast! Are you ready? Are you braced? Wonderful.

You guys, today on the show, we have the very wonderful, talented and funny, Casey Feigh! Casey is a comedian that I’ve been amazed by for years. If you get the chance to see him perform, please do! Actually, it’s funny I mention that because you can see him perform! That’s right, you can see Casey do his thing with his team JV every single Friday at 11pm at UCB Franklin - the show is #ThrowbackFriday and it’s terrific. Do yourself a favor, take a date - it’s a fun time!

Casey and I had a wonderful chat about growing up in Minnesota, moving to Australia to try something new, diving into comedy and generally finding ways to be funny on a daily basis. This is a great conversation and I really hope you enjoy it!

Find Casey on the World Wide Web!

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