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Well well well - here we are again, folks! Welcome to another edition of the Silly Pancakes podcast description…my oh my, I just rhymed. How wonderful!!!

ANYWAYS! This week on the show, we have a terrific duo who have come to chat about an amazing new project of theirs. That’s right - Erica Bardin and Ben Wickham (co-creators of the new series Shepherds) hop on the ol’ mic’s to talk about relationships, perseverance and psychedelics. This is a really interesting conversation layered with so many interesting facts and tidbits - I learned a ton!

About Shepherds
"Shepherds is a new media series that takes a glimpse into the world of psychedelic therapy, with the aim to open up dialogue on drug scheduling and the breakthroughs in psychedelic research that have been happening in recent years."

Shepherds is in the crowd-funding stages right now and would love your help! Please check out the Indiegogo link below, learn about the series, watch some videos and donate a few bucks if you can. It’ll be well worth it.

Indiegogo Campaign

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