Cheers, Stomps & Whistles

What's going on, friends?!

Welcome to the wild, wonderful and wacky Silly Pancakes podcast description - this is going to be a trip! Maybe...probably not...who knows...ugh...

ANYWAYS - this week, we have an amazing show for you! This week, I got the chance to sit down and chat with one of my oldest friends (he's not old himself, we've just known each other for a get it). Matt Joseph Diaz is on the show!

Cheers, applause, laughter, hugging, kissing...what?

I've known Matt for a long time and I was thrilled to get the chance to chat with him. You may be familiar with his video that went viral earlier in the year. Powerful stuff. Amazing.

Matt and I talk at length about body positivity, life, love, loss, regret, comedy, YouTube, social media, teenage angst and so much more. This really is an amazing and very special episode - I sincerely hope you enjoy it!


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