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Hey friends - it’s me, Ryan. I’m your host…how fun!

Welcome one and ALL to the very, very, very (kinda) funny Silly Pancakes description. If you’re actually reading this, then congratulations - you’ve saved a puppy!

Not really.

In fact, you have done almost nothing towards saving the lives of puppies, or even a puppy. Really, you can’t help save a single puppy?


ANYWAYS - as mentioned, this is the description of a podcast, which you are about to listen to, or have already started or have already finished. MULTIPLE OPTIONS!!!

This week on our show we have the wildly kind, funny and amazing Sheldon Price. Sheldon is a comedian from around the Los Angeles area who is also a terrific guy and an all-around nerdy person.

Sheldon and I dive into comedy stuff, family, life, happiness and video games! That’s right, we get down and nerdy with some good ol’ fashioned video game talk - it was a blasty blast from the pasty past and I hope you boogers enjoy.

Yeah - I called you all boogers - it’s adorable. Deal.


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