Cheers, Stomps & Whistles

J.W. Cudd sits down with Ryan and chats it up! J.W. is a singer/songwriter, actor and just about everything else you could possibly imagine...except chef...maybe he's a chef? Who knows! Ryan and J.W. talk about life transitions, music, Willie Nelson and developing web-series - it's what you might like to call a "good ol' episode".

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Miranda Patton sits down and chats it up! In this episode, Miranda and your lovely host talk about acting, life as an extra on the television show "Glee", divorce and of course...sharks! What's an interview without sharks, right? Enjoy this lovely-little conversation.

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Actor and storyteller Julian Sibal sits down with Ryan to talk it up! In this episode, Julian talks about his love of acting, his method of auditioning, how he developed his webseries and tells the story of the girl who changed his life...for now, we'll call her "M".

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Dan Flood sits down to discuss growing up in Northern Virginia, falling into the fray of social media and of course - acting! This is a great conversation with some amazing advice for young performers. Also - this is one of the very first interviews that we did, so the audio is harsh at times because your host is a ninny...podcast!

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