Cheers, Stomps & Whistles

What's up friendly-friends!

This week's WhatsaPodcast will feed your soul and your earholes...we promise!

Comedy person Jessica Rona talks with Ryan about improv, getting engaged, roasting her own coffee, loving good music and of course, dog grooming!

Get into it!

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What's up, peeps!

This week on WhatsaPodcast, we have the wonderfully wonderful, Alisa Baggio! Her and Ryan chit-chat about being Canadian, falling into acting, dealing with frustration and dancing for three-billion people in the opening ceremony of the Olympics...yeah, the Olympics!

Get into it!

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Hey podcast peeps!

Welcome to another episode of WhatsaPodcast featuring the very lovely, very funny Jonathan Flanagan! Ryan and Flanny talk about a great, many thing - from heritage, to family, to comedy, to funny, to funny again, to music, to improv, back to comedy and back to funny...that sounds about right?

Enjoy and check out Jonathan on the tweets for super-duper show info!

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Hey friends and family and...elephants?

Welcome to another lovely episode of WhatsaPodcast! This week on the program, we have Kyle Burbank - a writer and lover of all things Disney...that's right, Disney. Get happy!

Be sure to check out Kyle's website, and follow him on the tweetsies.

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