Cheers, Stomps & Whistles

What’s going on, podcast-people-eaters?!

This week on the show, Erika Heidewald sits down with Ryan and talks about comedy, drinking, space, sharks, death, getting high, making movies and the time she accidentaly cut off the tip of her pinky finger…we really nailed this one!

Also - please, please, please check out Erika's show, Romeo and Juliet: A Dubstep Musical at the UCB Theater in Los Angeles on September 10th

Tags: comedy, improv, improvisation, acting,  ucb, upright citizens brigate theater, drinking, alcohol, sharks, space, getting high, high, mushrooms, shrooms, marc maron, wtf with marc maron, pete holmes, you made it weird, weird, tripping, psychedelic, art, preformance, la, los angeles, hollywood, accident, finger, body part, love, relationship

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