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This week on the show, we have the INCREDIBLY talented Kirsten Opstad and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it.


Kirsten is a singer/songwriter and improviser based in LA - yay!


Her and I talk at length about what it means to be funny, her life in Boston, growing up in a creative family, her intense love for music and being comfortable with yourself.


Kirsten has four albums under her belt (which you should listen to immediately) and tours all over - find all the info at her website -


I get to interview a lot of amazing, interesting, brilliant people for this show and it’s always a treat when they showcases their talents on the podpod, so, with that being said - please wait for the end of the episode and listen to Kirsten perform Stay Awake and Back to Sleep from her 2012 album, Fear of Swimming.


Stay Amazing!



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