Cheers, Stomps & Whistles

What's going on lucky duckies?!


One whole year has flown by and my oh my what a year it has been! Thanks you so much to everyone who continues to help make WhatsaPodcast a thing - it baffles me that I get to do this. Yay!


This week on the program, I had the chance to talk to the very wonderful, very funny Katelyn Hempstead! Together, we sat down and created...the Greatest Podcast of All Time Ever. Period. The Sequel. Period. You're welcome.


During The Greatest Podcast of All Time Ever. Period. The Sequel. Period. I chatted with Katelyn about comedy, studying abroad, mob fronts (obviously), school, parents, Los Angeles and the great mysteries of life - drink it in!


- Ryan


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What's going on, WhatsaPodcasters! Er...WhatsaPodcast-ees? Whatever.

This week, I welcomed the lovely Todd McClintock into my lovely studio apartment to have a lovely little chat at a lovely little table with lovely little microphones. Together - we created something beautiful...we created the Greatest Podcast of All Time Ever. Period.

In the Greatest Podcast of All Time Ever. Period, we chat about life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, why audience participation is important in Improv and of course...Disney.

Please enjoy this episode...thoroughly - and check out Todd as he bounces around the LA comedy scene. He's also the voice of a cup of coffee in a Denny's webseries...I love that sentence.

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David brown sits down and chats with Ryan on an all new Cheers, Stomps & Whistles.

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Hey friends - welcome to WhatsaPodcast!

This week, I got the opportunity to sit down with the wonderfully funny and talented Christian Spicer and talk about skating, stand-up, marriage and the current state of comedy! What does that mean? Who knows...listen to find out!


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Hey hey hey happy hipsters!


Welcome to another wild and wonderful episode of WhatsaPodcast! This week on the show, I talk to the wickedly talented, funny and entertaining Ben Wickham! Ben is an amazing guy who brought some great stories (and a delicious 6-pack) to the table.

I really hope you cool kids enjoy!

PS. If you live and/or are around the Los Angeles area on December 7th, come check out The Electric Youth Show at 10:00pm at The Clubhouse. I'll be doing some improv and some other amazing people will be doing other amazingly fun things - it'll be amazing!


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