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What's happening friends and family...welcome to Silly Pancakes!

As I mention in the intro to this episode, yes the name of the show was changed. No, it does not make sense as to why. Yes, you're confused. No, I really don't care a whole lot. Why? Because we're all madly in love and will get over it soon. Why? Because I smell nice and you're far too forgiving! <3

ANYWAYS - this week's guest is a doozy of a woozy of a floozy...hmm...

Mr. Josh Simpson joins me to chat about comedy, music, his dog Dre, why I (Ryan) can't get out of my own damn head and what thoughts were rushing through his own damn head when he had to pull his wiener out on the UCB stage...yup...that happened.

If you'd like to see Josh perform in Los Angeles, you are more than welcome to stumble into any improv club from Sunday through Saturday. He'll most likely be there. More specifically, you can see his show Take It From Us PR on March 26th, 2015 at UCB Sunset. Seriously...go!

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