Cheers, Stomps & Whistles

Hey friends - it’s me, Ryan. I’m your host…how fun!

Welcome one and ALL to the very, very, very (kinda) funny Silly Pancakes description. If you’re actually reading this, then congratulations - you’ve saved a puppy!

Not really.

In fact, you have done almost nothing towards saving the lives of puppies, or even a puppy. Really, you can’t help save a single puppy?


ANYWAYS - as mentioned, this is the description of a podcast, which you are about to listen to, or have already started or have already finished. MULTIPLE OPTIONS!!!

This week on our show we have the wildly kind, funny and amazing Sheldon Price. Sheldon is a comedian from around the Los Angeles area who is also a terrific guy and an all-around nerdy person.

Sheldon and I dive into comedy stuff, family, life, happiness and video games! That’s right, we get down and nerdy with some good ol’ fashioned video game talk - it was a blasty blast from the pasty past and I hope you boogers enjoy.

Yeah - I called you all boogers - it’s adorable. Deal.


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What’s happening Pancakers! …what a gross nickname for anything. Hmmm…we’ll work on that.

WELCOME to the wild and wonderful Silly Pancakes introduction - are you excited? Boy oh boy, I sure am!

This week on the chat show (I like calling it a chat show), I talk to the super-duper sweet, kind and funny Matt Figueira! Matt is an improvisor about town who if you get the chance, you should definitely check out! He’s G.R.E.A.T.!

Matt and I do the talky-talk dance around topics such as: growing up in Hawaii, being a scared child, parents, exploring Los Angeles, relationships, puppies and funny comedy things!

I’m very happy with this episode and I hope you are too! Get into it, love each other and make it a point to high-five a stranger at some point today. Is anybody reading this? I doubt it…

If you’re reading this, tweet me (@ryanmiddledorf) and let me know. It’d make me happy or something. Probably not. Probably. Happy!


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What’s happening kids?! Welcome to the wonderfully wild and wacky Silly Pancakes description!

yay | oh yeah | hooray | nobody reads this | sad

ANYWAYS - this week, we’ve got one goodness gracious of a show for ya! That’s right, the ridiculously funny comedy duo, Barton & Bass is here…I’m so excited. Really. These two are some of my favorite people!

Ryan Barton, Cameron-Bass Jackson and myself (also named Ryan...whoa) chat about the ups and downs of working in comedy, how they fell in love with improv, where they met, their dynamic on stage and of course, lucid dreaming.

What’d I say - a goodness gracious of a show, right? Believe me next time!

Lastly, I’d like to point out that Barton & Bass have their very own podcast coming to the WhatsaCreative Podcast Network! Starting Friday May 1st, you’ll be able to hear these two funtastic comedians on Barton & Bass Present: Happy Hour!

…it’s going to be funcredible...what a dumb word. I change my mind.


...that's better.


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What's happing, friends and family and friends and family and friends and family...

...and friends and family! Hehehe - okay, it's time to stop! GROW UP, Ryan. Ugh. Okay...we're good.

Welcome to a brand spankin' new episode of the Silly Pancakes podcast...this one's a doozy...why do I constantly call episodes "doozies"?


ANYWAYS - this episode of Silly Pancakes features none other than Stephen Perlstein. Stephen is a ridiculously funny comedian/writer who has been a strong *voice for the indie improv community for quite some time in the form of the Improv Obsession Podcast. Really, check it out - you'll love it.

Stephen and I chat at length about comedy, writing, relationships, why I'm so sad and the time he kind of got into a fight at a UCB party. It's a pretty fun time!

So...with all that being said, please sit back, relax and enjoy listening to one of my favorite episodes of this show...mainly due on the fact that I got a free therapy session out of it, which, you know...that's fun.


* I should note that Stephen will turn down any type of compliment that I throw his way because he's a ridiculously humble, dude.

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What’s happening, friends! Welcome to the incredibly entertaining Silly Podcast intro…you’re welcome! Why would you be “welcome”? We’re off to a super-duper start...ugh!

REWIND! For those that don’t know, this is a podcast about comedians - we’ll find out about their lives, dreams, failures and successes. It’s great, it’s fun, it’s sad, it’s happy, it’s Silly Pancakes!

…what was that?

HEY! Okay, so this week on the show we have the very lovely, sweet and talented Emily Durrett! Emily is a ridiculously funny improvisor who preforms constantly! Seriously…check her out!

Emily and I talk at length about coffee, the East Coast, acting, comedy (duh), writing old Hollywood, religion and married life. Great chat! Really…great great great chat! Please enjoy!


TAGS: comedy, podcast, funny, comedian, improv, improviser, improvisation, ucb, theater, upright, citizens, brigade, music, coffee, los, feliz, los, angeles, hollywood, east, coast, florida, south, carolina, life, love, marriage, religion, lessons, school, parents, musician, writing, script, acting, actor, 1940, 1950, era, decade, beauty, relationships, skydiving, terrifying, experience, fear, plane, airplane, shows, performance, performing, stage, new, york, nyc, city, austin, texas, chicago, second, city, julia, hays, comedienne, australia, sweet, talent, talented, nice, marc, maron, pete, holmes, celeb, celebrity

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