Cheers, Stomps & Whistles

What's happing, friends and family and friends and family and friends and family...

...and friends and family! Hehehe - okay, it's time to stop! GROW UP, Ryan. Ugh. Okay...we're good.

Welcome to a brand spankin' new episode of the Silly Pancakes podcast...this one's a doozy...why do I constantly call episodes "doozies"?


ANYWAYS - this episode of Silly Pancakes features none other than Stephen Perlstein. Stephen is a ridiculously funny comedian/writer who has been a strong *voice for the indie improv community for quite some time in the form of the Improv Obsession Podcast. Really, check it out - you'll love it.

Stephen and I chat at length about comedy, writing, relationships, why I'm so sad and the time he kind of got into a fight at a UCB party. It's a pretty fun time!

So...with all that being said, please sit back, relax and enjoy listening to one of my favorite episodes of this show...mainly due on the fact that I got a free therapy session out of it, which, you know...that's fun.


* I should note that Stephen will turn down any type of compliment that I throw his way because he's a ridiculously humble, dude.

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