Cheers, Stomps & Whistles

What’s happening wizards and warlocks…whoa…this is not that type of podcast. Sorry.

What’s happening comedy nerds and regular nerds?! …yeah, that’s more like it!

Welcome one and all to the wild, wonderful and wacky Silly Pancakes podcast description - you are in for a real treat! That’s right…a real TANGIBLE treat!


It’s more of an audible pleasure than anything - that’s still good, right?


Of course it is! That’s because this week we have Michael Dean joining us on the podcast! I’ve known this lovely human being for a while now and I’m super psyched that I got to sit down and chit-chat with him for a bit. What a wonderful person - really…such a delight!

Mikey and I chat at length about different comedy scenes, improv, standup and the greater good. Dive in, have at it, have fun, love each other and love yourselves. Please. Love yourselves - you’re worth it.


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