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What’s happening podcast fans?! Welcome to the wild, wonderful and wacky Silly Pancakes podcast description. Are you ready?

First off - this is coming from me (Ryan) and only me, but as I write this, I’m listening the the first EL VY record - you guys, it’s so good. Take the National, throw in some strange 70’s genre-defying nonsense and there you go. Please have a listen. This is not a plug, just a great album.

Okay - ANYWAYS! This is the description to Silly Pancakes, so let’s get right to it! Today on the show, we have the wildly talented and hilarious Talia Bernstein! Talia is one of my dearest friends - we have a lovely, emotional chat about family, life, coming out, love and comedy. This is a good time - we get deep, but we have FUN!

Don’t forget - you can check out Talia’s new podcast - "What the F**k Do I Do with My Jewish Hair?!" coming November 10th!

Find Talia on the World Wide Web!

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“Good Times"
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