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This week Ryan welcomes Dan Prevette to Cheers, Stomps & Whistles. Dan is a very funny comedian / podcaster based in Los Angeles and really opened up in this episode. Ryan and Dan chat about his upbringing over seas, being young and realizing you're different from other people around you and coming to terms with who you are and being comfortable with who you want to be. You can see Dan host the show Dramedy with his team Some Kinda Monster at the Clubhouse in Hollywood and you can check out his podcast, The Back Pew, on iTunes now.

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This week the very wonderful and talented Briggon Snow stops by Cheers, Stomps & Whistles. Briggon is an actor based in Los Angeles and came on to chat about podcasting, how to get yourself going in the morning, the importance of relaxation and the love of the "ritual". We also talk about acting, good ol’ social media, FOMO and how great it is to take risks…such as throwing inhibitions to the wind and moving to LA from Maine. You can listen to Briggon right now on the very popular podcast, The Bright Sessions - check it out now on iTunes.

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Michael Glazer comes back to Cheers, Stomps & Whistles to chat about giving yourself a break, the fact that time stands still when everyone around you is hustling and how social media and virtual reality is taking over the world. We also dive into the comedy world and discuss Mike's stints writing for Gabriel Iglesias and Billy Eichner, the craft of writing jokes and learning that it’s okay to say “no”. This is a great episode and I sincerely hope that you enjoy - if you do, feel free to rate and review us on iTunes. Also, do yourself a favor and follow Mike on Twitter. Seriously. Seriously.

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This week on Cheers, Stomps & Whistles, Ryan welcomes Rian Kountz. Ryan and Rian chat about the importance of food in relationships, the meaning of home, comedy, creativity, theater management and spending time with the people you love most. Rian is also a mainstay in the LA comedy community and does a lot of work with the Clubhouse Theater in Hollywood. You can see him perform at the shows Train Caboose and Coconut Club.

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This week on Cheers, Stomps & Whistles, the very talented Greg Smith stops by to chat about growing up in Michigan, being raised in a creative household, falling in love with music and finding ways to merge it with comedy. We also talk about the realities of social/separation anxiety and anger management at a young age and how “midwestern shame” plays a role in his day-to-day life. What a treat…be vulnerable, open yourself up and enjoy this wonderful and insightful conversation.

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Comedian Kale Hills stops by the podcast and chats with Ryan about the influence of religion on his life, being too nice for your own good, the pressures of being a creative person in a large city and how the divorce of his parents affected him and his family. You can also see Kale perform on Harold Night at UCB Franklin and in Sun Valley at UCB Sunset.

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This week, Haley Hepworth stops by the podcast to chat about growing up in Idaho in a sheltered environment, finding her community in comedy and the performing arts in New York and the importance of uprooting yourself every once in a while and taking controlled risks. If this episode could be summarized in a nutshell, it's about coming to terms with your dreams and aspirations and realizing that they're are worth pursuing. What a wonderful thing! Please enjoy!

Haley is an amazing improvisor / actor - you can see her perform currently at UCB in Los Angeles. Get your tickets now!

Sun Valley - June 29th
Haley Hepworth is Missing - June 30th

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Sydney Steinberg stops by the podcast to chat about growing up in a tumultuous household, overcoming self-doubt and finding comfort in comedy and performing.

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If you’re interested in hearing two twenty-something year old dudes talk about how to remove aphids from plants, then this is the podcast for you!

Noah Langer chats with Ryan about the desire to find a community and make friends in a large city, growing up on the East Coast and attending college in Maryland where he fell in love with performing. Noah and Ryan also spend far too much time sharing gardening tips. Enjoy!

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Sometimes you just need to let all of the sads rush out of you!

This week on Cheers, Stomps & Whistles, Erin Michele Gabbard stops by to talk about being an emotional person, falling in love with comedy at a young age and what is was/is like being the “black sheep” of her family.

You can also hear Erin co-host the terrific podcast ComicsReadingComics on the Bound Network. Check it out now on iTunes.

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