Cheers, Stomps & Whistles

In episode nine of WhatsaPodcast - not ten...Ryan's an idiot - Steven Causey sits down and talks about life, love, marriage, family, drinking, teenage angst, coming out as gay, setting trends, working on Glee, living in Hollywood and so much more.

Drink it in - this episode goes down smooth!

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Another one of Ryan's UCB classmates, Kelly Hallmark sits down to discuss life in the big Hollywood-city-thing, being a freelance boom operator/sound mixer, charity work, comedy and just making people feel good - what's better than that? Nothing!

Ooops, so sorry...didn't mean to yell, I just got excited...are you okay? Are yo--are you sure?

...we cool? Do people say that? I love you! Ugh...too soon...

Enjoy funny interview stuff!

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Michael Glazer sits down at the ol' desk and chats it up with Ryan. In this episode we gab about life, love, comedy, performing, writing, cooking, following your dreams and just a ton of other stuff! This is such a lovely episode - enjoy!

Also, be sure to pick up a copy of Monster Scooter - it's only $5...c'mon!

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Jerry TerHorst sits down at the ol' microphone and chats it up with Ryan. In this episode, we discuss acting, auditioning, life in Los Angeles, bouncing around from state-to-state, comedy and more! It's a packed episode - brace yourselves!

Also, be sure to check out Jerry's webseries: My Olde Roommate on the ol' YouTube!

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