Cheers, Stomps & Whistles

In lucky episode thirteen of WhatsaPodcast, actor Gerald Waters chats with Ryan about growing up down south in Tennessee, discovering your passion, moving to Los Angeles, finding balance and just plain knowing what you want in life.


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In episode TWELVE (not eleven) of WhatsaPodcast, Ryan sits down with actor/storyteller Peter Moffatt. Together, they talk about life, acting, auditioning, living in Los Angeles, being an Extra in movies and how large events can shape your life.

Enjoy - you're all amazing!

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It's episode eleven of WhatsaPodcast and this one's a doozey! ...actually, it's pretty great. Phil Haney sits down with Ryan to chat about life in Los Angeles, falling in love with comedy, stage fright, writing for and finding a perfect balance between real life and the Internet!

Oh yeah - we also start a band and pitch a movie...maybe this episode is a doozey?


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Welcome Humans!

In episode ten (two whole hands) of WhatsaPodcast, the one and only Chris Gubbs sits down to talk about growing up in the Bible belt, moving to Los Angeles, acting, his intense love of music and his band Incoherent Audio.

Check it out, kids - it's a good one...the Beatles are discussed!

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