Cheers, Stomps & Whistles

Hey party people!

This week’s episode of WhatsaPodcast is the super funny and talented Savannah Mills. Her and I talk about divorce, rebellion, acting, adolescence and not knowing what you’re doing, not knowing where you’re going and how that’s all kind of the point.

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Hey there, friend-o’s!

This episode of WhatsaPodcast is the super-duper talented Caron Clancey! Her and I talk about growing up in California, studying abroad in Ghana, embracing being uncomfortable, diving pie first into comedy and totaling Korean-made's all a bunch of fun.

Also, be sure to check out Caron’s website here and just make it a point to be an all around amazing person 85% of the time…cool? Cool!

- Ryan

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What’s happening, friends and family…mostly friends…actually, only friends…


This week on the show, we have the INCREDIBLY talented Kirsten Opstad and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it.


Kirsten is a singer/songwriter and improviser based in LA - yay!


Her and I talk at length about what it means to be funny, her life in Boston, growing up in a creative family, her intense love for music and being comfortable with yourself.


Kirsten has four albums under her belt (which you should listen to immediately) and tours all over - find all the info at her website -


I get to interview a lot of amazing, interesting, brilliant people for this show and it’s always a treat when they showcases their talents on the podpod, so, with that being said - please wait for the end of the episode and listen to Kirsten perform Stay Awake and Back to Sleep from her 2012 album, Fear of Swimming.


Stay Amazing!



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What’s going on, podcast-people-eaters?!

This week on the show, Erika Heidewald sits down with Ryan and talks about comedy, drinking, space, sharks, death, getting high, making movies and the time she accidentaly cut off the tip of her pinky finger…we really nailed this one!

Also - please, please, please check out Erika's show, Romeo and Juliet: A Dubstep Musical at the UCB Theater in Los Angeles on September 10th

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