Cheers, Stomps & Whistles

Hey friends and family and...elephants?

Welcome to another lovely episode of WhatsaPodcast! This week on the program, we have Kyle Burbank - a writer and lover of all things Disney...that's right, Disney. Get happy!

Be sure to check out Kyle's website, and follow him on the tweetsies.

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Hello humans and welcome to another episode of WhatsaPodcast - you're going to love it!

Is that presumptuous? Who cares...

This week, comedian Kelly McInerney stops by to talk about growing up in New Jersey, finding her footing in the stand-up community and getting involved with improv.

Be sure to check her out on the tweets and visit her website ( for show info!

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What's happening, friends!

How's about an episode of WhatsaPodcast for your earholes? Sounds like a blasty-blast, right?!

This week, comedian Brian Wylie, melts in a sauna with Ryan for an hour and chats about comedy, comedy, cartoons, music and of course... Ron Swanson - it's awesome!

Also, please be sure to check out Brian's super-funny videos on and follow the man on Twitter for goodness sake!

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Brace yourselves for a super duper fun time!!!

In episode 29 of WhatsaPodcast, Ryan talks at disgustingly long length with crazy-funny comedy person, John Roiniotis!

Fun fact - halfway through the episode, John hijacked the microphones and started the very first episode of his podcast LA-z Improv...seriously - BOGO podcasts!

...shout out, John Roiniotis!

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What's happening, peeps?! Yeah, the marshmallow's...those things are terrible.

It's episode 27 of WhatsaPodcast and this week, comedian Jason Stafford joins Ryan to talk about life, family, Florida, anxiety and improv - can someone say "comedy!"? Go ahead - you know you want to...


Also, please be sure to check out Jason on Twitter - he's a super cool cucumber and you're going to love his stuff!

Alright - we good? Great!

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Hi friends - welcome to the podcast!

In episode 26 of WhatsaPodcast, Ryan sits down with funny person/helpful person Hawley Allen to talk about trees, non-profit organizations, improv, comedy stuffs and what would happen if Ryan were to smother himself in barbecue chicken's a fun time.

Also be sure to check out Hawley and Caron Clancey's super-duper funny sketch group, Fan Club.

Love your neighbor and eat tacos...tacos?

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In episode twenty-five of WhatsaPodcast, Dustin Myklebust sits down with Ryan to talk about growing up in Idaho, falling in love with acting, almost modeling and his new-found passion for directing.

Get into it!

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It's a podcast...hooray!

In this week's episode, funny-person Moses Storm sits down and chats with Ry-Ry about comedy, family, learning how to do Improv in a barn, gravitating towards like-minded people, his viral-video "Terminally Chill Birthday" and following 'dem dreams!

You can also check out Moses this Thursday (6.12.14) at the NerdMelt Showroom in Los Angeles - tickets are only $8!

Podcast lovelove!

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In episode 23 of WhatsaPodcast, Hannah and Lucy Dawson (yay, twins) sit down with Ryan to talk about life in Australia, moving to America, culture-shock, acting and of course...being twins!

Check out Hannah and Lucy this June (2014) in Greasy Grimey Gopher Guts playing at the Lounge Theatre in Los Angeles and check out they're blog - Twinning.

Twin twin twintastic!

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In this week's episode of WhatsaPodcast, Marcus Friend sits down with Ryan to chat about hard work, family values, creative intamacy and how to deal with crazy DJ neighbors.

While you're here, you should check out Marcus' Friendly Stuff channel on YouTube! It's hilarious and FREE!!!


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