Cheers, Stomps & Whistles

In episode twenty...yeah, twenty of WhatsaPodcast, Ryan sits down at the ol' microphone to chat with actor/dancer Danielle Janco to talk about family, life in Los Angeles, acting and of course dancing!

Danielle turns Ryan into a dancing totally comes across in the podcast, you'll hear it - you totally will!

PS - be sure to check out oodles of previous WhatsaPodcast guests this June (2014) in Greasy Grimey Gopher Guts as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival!


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Jenson Smith stops by the ol' WhatsaPodcast studio to talk about life in the midwest, family, New York (that Big Apple thing), Los Angeles, guided meditations, philosophical goodness, music, road-trips and what it means to be happy.

Drink it in, ladies and gentlemen...this episode goes down smooth.

Take our obstacles away, Elephant Man!


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In episode eighteen of WhatsaPodcast - the man, the myth, the legend - Demetri Belardinelli sits down with Ryan to talk about life, family, acting, growing up on set, worshiping Kevin Smith, falling in love with improv comedy, making movies and of course...rap. What?! Yeah - we said rap!

You kids don't want to miss this one...


Tags: interview, podcast, comedy, comedian, actor, acting, rapper, rapping, rap, hip hop, flow, art, creation, expression, improv, second city, UCB, Italian, Italy, culture, brothers, siblings, fights, lyrics, rhyme, kevin smith, filmmaking

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In episode seventeen of WhatsaPodcast, actress Emily Nadolski hops on the ol' microphone to talk about life, what it means to be in love, marriage, family, her passion for acting and her incredible volunteer work in developing countries such as Napal, India and Kenya.

Really guys, this is important stuff - if you'd like to help out Emily with her travels, you can contact her on Twitter and send her donations here.

To donate: Select "missions" from the drop-down menu, under "student", write "Emily Nadolski" and under "trip" write "Uganda". Be happy - you've done did some good!

You can also keep up with Emily's travels through her blog here.

Also...if you're reading this...hi, Sarah McLachlan!

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In episode sixteen of WhatsaPodcast, actor Ray Stafford sits down with Ryan and chats about life in Los Angeles, growing up in Texas, what he dreams about, surviving without a car, his aspirations to be either Rihanna or Beyoncé and his quarter life crisis.

It's always a party when Ray stops by - enjoy!!!

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In episode fifteen of WhatsaPodcast, the incredibly talented Caitlyn Cope (singer/songwriter) sits down with Ryan to discuss growing up in Utah, moving to Los Angeles, her aspirations as a musician and the need to always be "in the crazy".

It's also important for you kids to know that Caitlyn performs a song at the end of the episode, so stay tuned...seriously...I'm looking at you! Also, check out her cover of Katy Perry's Dark Horse here.

Hooray for music, hooray for podcasts and hooray for you guys!

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In episode fourteen of WhatsaPodcast, Raihan Baqui sits down with Ryan to talk about his family, stage acting vs. film acting, finding your passion, discovering who you are, freeing your mind, exercise and of course...Game of Thrones.

This episode is a ton of funsies - enjoy!

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In lucky episode thirteen of WhatsaPodcast, actor Gerald Waters chats with Ryan about growing up down south in Tennessee, discovering your passion, moving to Los Angeles, finding balance and just plain knowing what you want in life.


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In episode TWELVE (not eleven) of WhatsaPodcast, Ryan sits down with actor/storyteller Peter Moffatt. Together, they talk about life, acting, auditioning, living in Los Angeles, being an Extra in movies and how large events can shape your life.

Enjoy - you're all amazing!

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It's episode eleven of WhatsaPodcast and this one's a doozey! ...actually, it's pretty great. Phil Haney sits down with Ryan to chat about life in Los Angeles, falling in love with comedy, stage fright, writing for and finding a perfect balance between real life and the Internet!

Oh yeah - we also start a band and pitch a movie...maybe this episode is a doozey?


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