Cheers, Stomps & Whistles

What's going on, friends?!

Welcome to the wild, wonderful and wacky Silly Pancakes podcast description - this is going to be a trip! Maybe...probably not...who knows...ugh...

ANYWAYS - this week, we have an amazing show for you! This week, I got the chance to sit down and chat with one of my oldest friends (he's not old himself, we've just known each other for a get it). Matt Joseph Diaz is on the show!

Cheers, applause, laughter, hugging, kissing...what?

I've known Matt for a long time and I was thrilled to get the chance to chat with him. You may be familiar with his video that went viral earlier in the year. Powerful stuff. Amazing.

Matt and I talk at length about body positivity, life, love, loss, regret, comedy, YouTube, social media, teenage angst and so much more. This really is an amazing and very special episode - I sincerely hope you enjoy it!


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What’s going on, lovelies?

This week on the wild and wacky Silly Pancakes podcast, we have Jen Krueger (The Manifesto Show, Copycat, Chillbot). Jen is great and fun and wonderful and insightful and and and…great!


Okay…Jen and I chit-chat about comedy, family, life-lessons and the terrifyingly comfortable idea of “the Multiverse”. Shit gets real.

Love what you do, love each other and love yourself - you’ll be okay. Smiles!


TAGS: podcast, interview, improv, improvisation, comedy, funny, silly, friends, shows, clubhouse, ucb, io, la, los angeles, hollywood, writing, multiverse, life, death, lessons, learning, child, childhood, parents, family, job, career, jokes, bits, success, failure, story, storytelling, nerd, nerdy, culture, pop, class, learning, fun, happiness

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What's happening, friends?!

Welcome to the wild, wonderful and wacky Silly Pancakes description! This week the show is a bit different. This week we talk to two gentlemen who I see almost every single day.

Every. Single Day.

EVERY. get it.

This week, I chat with two of my co-workers, Alex Tafet and Matt Jeans. Alex and Matt have listened to the show before and asked to come on - of course I said yes, because I crave company...also friendship!

In all seriousness - I love this episode. I wasn't expecting to have such a fun, strange, enlightening and introspective conversation, but it happened...and I'm thrilled it did!

Please enjoy this weird and wonderful episode of Silly Pancakes and don't forget to water your plants and feed your animals...



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Hi there Pancake Pals! Is that a good nickname? Goodness gracious, I'll never figure this out! Hmm...


ANYWAYS - welcome to the wild, wacky and wonderful Silly Pancakes description where all your dreams come true and everything is happy! That's right! Every. Single. Thing!

This week on the show, I had the opportunity to chat with the very nice, very amazing and very funny Alex Ungerman. Alex is an improviser from the LA (short for Los Angeles) area and he's super duper! We chat at length about family, relationships, first-time-drinking stories, high-school bands and how we were both stupid kids. It's a bucket of fun!

Did we description good? I think we descriptioned great!


TAGS: podcast, comedy, interview, comedian, improv, improviser, improvisation, love, happiness, pain, heartbreak, heartache, relationships, happiness, lessons, learning, la, hollywood, entertainment, tv, television, movies, stage, preform, performance, indie, independent, denver, colorado, trip, road, funny, debate, speech, happenstance, ucb, tournament, gorgeous, pretty, childhood, youth, nature, dumb, stupid, kid, rebellion, rebel, phases, drinking, alcohol, scare, fear, death, danger, life, sneaking, trouble, bands, music, musician, guitar, talent, school, sports


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