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Howdy, podcast peeps. How’s it hanging?

That was so incredibly annoying and I apologize.


ANYWAYS - welcome one and all to the wild, wonderful and wacky Silly Pancakes podcast description. We’re going to have some fun. Are we? No. No, we probably won’t…this isn’t even the episode, it’s something ATTACHED to an episode. No one cares about this.

Are you still there? Are you still reading?

What is the answer to life?


You knew that.


Let’s get on with this…okay! Today on the podcast, I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with one of my good friends and a person that I look up to a great deal, Mr. Jeff Zuschlag. Jeff is a wonderful writer/improvisor and an all around good guy. We dive in deep in this episode and discuss oodles of topics from childhood, to parents, to creativity, to art, to life, to death, to love, to, to, to, to, to…TO! Okay...I'm done.

I hope you crazy kids enjoy this episode as much as I do.


TAGS: comedy, podcast, interview, crying, cry, tears, sad, happy, emotion, love, loss, death, fear, scared, entertainment, television, movies, family, kids, children, childhood, babies, nostalgia, responsibility, alone, insignificance, silence, art, creativity, spirituality, games, nerd, nerdy, geeky, knowledge, smart, parents

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Hey there, hi there, ho there, whoa there - it’s podcast time!
Welcome one and all to the wonderfully wild and wacky wintroduction (not a real word) to the Silly Pancakes podcast! That’s right - it’s about to get crazy up in here!
This week on the show, I had the opportunity to chat with the lovely and funny Nick Skardarasy. Nick is a comedian from about town - he writes and stars in sketches with his group Lemonade Stand Comedy and performs at the Upright Citizens Brigade. Let the good times roll!
Nick and I dive in deep this week - we talk about parents, adolescence, relationships, happiness, loss and life. I love this episode. I really do and I hope you do too.
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Step right up - come one, come all - welcome, welcome, welcome - sup, how you doin’? Okay…I think we’re done. Wow. Goodness.

Hello. Welcome to the wild, wonderful and wacky Silly Pancakes podcast description - here we go!!! Wow - that was way too intense.

I’m relaxed now…

This week on the program, I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with the lovely Max Lasser of Egg Teach. Max is a terrific guy with a lot of interesting things to say and I really hope you dig this episode as much as I do!

Please see Max preform around town, please support indie comedy, please support each other.


TAGS: comedy, podcast, funny, interview, comedian, improv, improvisation, standup, friends, clubhouse, ucb, life, lessons, dreams, death, happiness, love, despair, childhood, consequence, adulthood, care, caring, success, successful, eggteach, breakfast, dinner, food, career, hollywood, la, youtube, social, media, television, movies, acting, performing, ambition, ambitious, harold, form, style, joy, show, relationships, dating, girls, teams, indie, anxiety, anxious, parties, theme, nerves, nerves, alienated, alienation, jaded, bubble, social, normalcy, phone, technology, notification, texts

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Hey there, hi there, ho there! Welcome to the wild, wonderful and wacky Silly Pancakes podcast description - guys…you’re in for a real treat. Really.

Seriously - a real, tangible treat.

I’m a liar. I have no tangible treats - what I do have is an audibly satisfying podcast featuring the mega-talented musician and all around good guy, Ned Durrett. I’ve wanted to have him on for a while and we finally found the time to sit down and chat.

This episode is great! I promise. Pinky promise.

Ned and I chat at length about growing up around music, starting a band with best friends, love, relationships, creativity, stupidity, adolescence and everything in-between.

You’ll learn something from this episode. I’m pretty sure I did…I don’t know what though. I’m sure it’ll crop up when I’m 50. Yeah. Ooof - 50.

Finally, please support Ned and the Dirt - they’re a terrific band and you can help them make their next record! Check out their Kickstarter and pitch in whatever you can. This album is going to be great!

TAGS: podcast, music, conversation, love ,art, creativity, guitar, showmanship, studio, band, la, hollywood, relationships, marriage, adolescence, parents, smart, religion, minister, understanding, joy, sorrow, sharing, life, connectivity, union, questions, god, curiosity, confusion, characters, story, stories, album, writing, songs, bass, drums, friends, friendship

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What’s happening friends? What’s happening family? What’s happening fancy-feats?


ANYWAYS, welcome to the wild, wonderful and wacky Silly Pancakes podcast description! Yay…yay…yay…another yay! Congrats, you’ve made it this far!



Alrighty - this week on the podcast, I had the terrific opportunity to talk to a terrific guy named Winston Carter. There are literally not enough good things to say about Winston. Gah! What a nice dude!

Winston and I chat at length about growing up, making your own shit, doing fun things, following your dreams, comedy (duh), entertainment (duh) and other stuff (also, duh).

I really hope you kids enjoy this episode - it’s filled with all kinds of goodies and treats…neither of those statements are true.

I’m a liar…


TAGS: comedy, podcast, funny, interview, laugh, heart, mouth, webMD, danger, saliva, salt, taste, research, soul, adolescence, childhood, pot, marijuana, smoking, kids, trouble, danger, stories, storytelling, relationships, girlfriend, boyfriend, quarry, improv, improvisation, food, food network, guy fieri, breakup, hookups, writing, parents, lessons, life, time, directing, producing, oklahoma, college, work, florida, jacksonville, vo, voice over, act, acting, hollywood, la, los angeles, moving, adult, spielberg, et, movies, create, creation, jaws, mad max, music, guitar, songs

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What’s happening all you lovely, happy-go-lucky people? Nothing? Really? Nothing at all? Wow - alright, WELL — something is about to happen. That’s right, you’re either listening to or about to listen to the newest episode of Silly Pancakes!

Uproarious applause!

That’s right - this, my friends is Silly Pancakes and thisthisthis is the wild, wonderful and wacky podcast description - strap in, you’re about to get your socks knocked off!

This week, I had the opportunity to chat with a lovely, talented and funny dude, Alex Trugman. I had met Alex a few times over the past year or so, but had never had a full on conversation with him…until now! DUN DUN!!!

Alex and I chat at length about his experience on American Idol, music in general, comedy, relationships, love and the cosmic craziness that is life! It’s a great chat - an intense chat - an insightful chat - a fun chat. I hope you dig it!

Also, please be sure to stick around until the end of the episode when Alex plays “Empty Well”, an original song off his first album “Marionette”.

Buy Marionette on iTunes.

TAGS: podcast, interview, conversation, music, comedy, stage, performance, anxiety, fear, friends, love, american, idol, ai, americanidol, television, tv, entertainment, celebrity, hollywood, life, lessons, breakups, reject, ucb, theater, college, school, stress, heartache, heartbreak, marionette, alex trugman, alextrugman, contestant, singer, songwriter, talent, parents, family, forms, theory, punk, guitar, bands, jamming, perfection, likes, dislikes, la, hollywood

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What’s going on, moms and dads and grads?! Are any of you graduates? If so congratulations! Welcome to the rest of your life…

ANYWAYS! If you’re not a grad (or even if you are), welcome welcome welcome to the wild, wonderful and wacky Silly Pancakes podcast description - here we go. Are you ready?! Okay! OKAY!

This episode is great - seriously, I love this episode. This week, I got the chance to chat with the incredibly kind, sweet, talented and funny, Elizabeth Guest. Elizabeth is an actor/comedian from Los Angeles and she is just the best.

Elizabeth and I chat at length about comedy, acting, growing up in Hollywood, college, car crashes, dating, Avril Lavigne, socks and more! Whoa - what an episode!

Please check out Elizabeth perform any chance you get - she’s the bees knees and everything in-betweens…why did I write that? I can delete it…I won’t delete it. I'm a rebel!


TAGS: comedy, podcast, improv, funny, conversation, chat, talk, acting, actor, crash, accident, car, cast, college, school, schooling, family, parents, relationships, love, theatre, theater, film, movies, tv, boredom, complacency, class, bully, bullying, mean, friends, stress, acne, grades, gpa, pressure, kids, improv, improvisation, ucb, niche, community, coffee, grinding, la, hollywood, pour, espresso, podcast, eating, breakfast, brunch, tea, health, yoga, exercise, music, kismet, fate, apps, technology

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Step right up, step right up and take an audible adventure!

That’s right…you heard me: an audible adventure! What’s that? You don’t know what I’m talking about? Well my dear, of course you must know about Silly Pancakes, do you not?

…you don’t?

Well shit. Hmph, okay, well…uh…Silly Pancakes is a podcast - you are familiar with podcasts, yes?

No. Okay. Well then…wow. Hmm. It's a miracle you wound up here in the first place. Um, I just - I just don’t know what to do here…just, you know what…just sit back and let me do my thing. Cool?


What’s happening wild and wonderful people of the Internet, welcome to the wild and wonderful Silly Pancakes description! That’s right - we’re here and here is wonderful!

This week on the show I got the chance to talk to one of my absolute favorite people in the whole wide world…again. That’s right - a repeat guest - it’s the one and only, George Barber and he’s back for more shenanigans. I can hardly contain my excitement. Okay. Here we go!

George and I sat down and had a lovely chat about lovely things including: music, self-doubt, being hard on yourself, relationships, sacrifice and friendship. This is a really touching and heartfelt episode and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


TAGS: podcast, comedy, interview, friendship, chat, conversation, funny, laughing, moving, heartfelt, nerves, nervous, nervousness, fear, doubt, scared, sacrifice, emotions, creativity, music, bluegrass, country, guitar, banjo, mandolin, improv, improvisation, indie, scene, la, los, angeles, hollywood, entertainment, path, life, vulnerability, excitemet, shows, ucb, ucbtla, compassion, fun, goofy, silly, pancakes

Remember The Lockdown.

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Jeff Topolski chats with Ryan on an all new Cheers, Stomps & Whistles.

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Hannah Garcés chats with Ryan on an all new Cheers, Stomps & Whistles.

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